Ask ITSC Dollar Desk

Ask ITSC Dollar Desk

What is the AskITSC Dollar Desk?

The AskITSC Dollar Desk is our one stop shop for all your IT solutions. If your question or issue takes 10 minutes or less to be resolved by one of our highly trained and certified professionals it only costs you $1.00.* Issue that take longer than 10 minutes to solve will be billed for the time it takes to resolve them.**

*$1 USD must be prepaid while opening a ticket. The ticket will only be assigned once the payment has processed. The 10 minute timer starts when an AskITSC Professional takes ownership of the ticket. If a ticket is solved before the timer expires, the customer will only be charged their prepayment $1 USD. Additional taxes and fees may apply.
**Additional taxes and fees are based on the customer’s local laws and regulations. Requests for escalations to higher tiered professionals may incur additional fees. Those fees will be disclosed in the ticket prior to completing the escalation. After 10 minutes of work the customer will be given the option to close the ticket, or accept the addition fees which will be stated in the ticket.

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